The German Gun Magazine "VISIER" publisched the following article (No. 1/2003; page 56)

Willi Korth - Seine Waffen

The food chemist Veit Morgenroth was interessed in guns from his youth - especially in those of the east german designer Willi Korth, which he knew personally for years. Morgenroth created with "Willi Korth - Seine Waffen" the solitary monograph, that dealt with the revolvers and automatics of the gun designer. So he filled an important gap of research. With the unpublished works of Korth and by analyzing some gun collections Morgenroth describes every detail round the production of these weapons. He lists all series and variations, all Korth stamps and copyrights, so that every Korth-owner can categorize his weapons without any doubt. The book deals with all weapons of the company, that resided in Ratzeburg in Northern Germany - with all revolvers, with the five prototypes of his automatic pistol, with the air guns and the small-bore rifles of the series "Jung Roland" to tear gas revolvers.

Morgenroth has published the very precisely researched und detailed written book on its own. Only 1000 copies will be printed. The price is 100 Euro. It can be ordered at Mgth-Verlag; Kronsforder Hauptstrasse 57; D-23560 Luebeck; Germany or via internet under